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Who are you?

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Hey there! Let's dive right in. Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on whether you've become the person you once envisioned yourself to be? The you that you thought you should be way back when?


Think about it for a moment. Our lives are a continuous journey, from one experience to the next. We navigate this shared reality, surrounded by all the "stuff" we've collectively created – the world, humanity, and everything in between. But here's the question: Are we in control of it all, or is something or someone else pulling the strings, manipulating humans and all life forms?

Main Points

If you possess the drive and courage, it's worth delving into what's "REALLY" happening. Imagine fear holds you back because of your programming. In that case, that's all the more reason to embark on a journey of discovery, for your happiness may depend on it.

Now, consider your thoughts. They're remarkable instances of a constantly evolving design program, and you play a pivotal role in shaping them every moment of your life. We spend much time with our thoughts, much like a monkey leaping from tree to tree.


But if we're unaware of what's using and directing us, whose life or program are we living? What is the collective output of our thoughts, intentions, and actions? Take a moment to clear your mind, focus on your breath, and then observe your surroundings. Are you content with what you see, knowing you contribute to creating that reality?

We're in a perpetual cycle of creating and recreating our reality, engaging in debates, contemplation, justification, and reminiscence. We're constantly making things happen, individually, within groups, or collectively. But the crucial question is, are we creating what we genuinely want to be a part of?


There's always a buzz of activity in our conscious and subconscious minds. Are you entirely in control of yourself, your thoughts, and your decisions? Do your choices stem from your genuine self, your programming, or perhaps the influence of external factors and the vision of a planned future you once set for yourself? It's a thought-provoking question, no doubt.

As for being in complete control, it's doubtful. The human collective is subjected to constant stimulation, manipulation, intimidation, profiling, and management by various forces, be it family, friends, communities, governments, religions, etc. But the real curiosity lies in what's running the program behind these influences.


So, do you want to explore deeper? If the answer is yes, join me in a moment of meditation, where we can venture into the depths of self-discovery and contemplate the intriguing mysteries of our existence.


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