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Did We Create the Big Bang?

Everything has been created and still being created in this realm.


Here's my take on reality, and that's ONLY because NO ONE KNOWS why our existence in this reality is happening, including our parents, people of influence, organizations, religions, etc. They can see they do, but they don't. They have yet to explain logically how we came to be. Scientists have their MO on how we came to be, but it's incomplete.


Forget about the fairy tales we have been brought up to believe. Some of that has been used to keep you in control, ignorant, and submissive. Learn to think and ask lots of questions, or learn how to. It takes courage to go against the grain and society. Keep going until you feel deep within your soul that all is well and tranquil.

Main Points

In the vast Universe, the Big Bang theory is a pivotal moment that gave birth to time, space, and matter. But what if this monumental event was not a random occurrence?


What if, in an intricate tapestry of consciousness and cosmic energy, we, as sentient beings, played a role in creating the Big Bang? I'm suggesting this point of view because of the ongoing argument in the belief in a Creator and whether his God is the true God or her God is better than yours. In addition, atheists believe that if God exists, he's not a good God. This blog explores the profound hypothesis that all conscious species are interconnected and that we are essentially the Universe experiencing itself. Hmm, think about that for a moment.

Additional Insights

Every conscious being, from the microscopic to the cosmic scale, vibrates with an intrinsic energy. This frequency resonates through the cosmos. This energy, which permeates every atom and particle, connects us to a boundless web of life and consciousness. We can tap into this universal energy through meditation, exploring the depths of our consciousness and perhaps the Universe's consciousness.

Connecting with the Universe

When we meditate, single-pointed meditation. And I'm not talking about transcendental or visual meditation. But the Zen tradition. We delve into a realm where energy and frequency become observable, where the boundaries between the self and the Universe blur. In this state, we can comprehend the deep connection between all forms of life and energy. We realize we are not mere spectators in the cosmic play but active participants in its unfolding narrative.

The Divine Within

The idea that we are God experiencing itself at a micro level is humbling and empowering. It suggests that every thought, action, and emotion is a ripple in the cosmic ocean of consciousness. Our experiences, joys, and sorrows are not isolated events but threads in the complex tapestry of the Universe's journey.


The hypothesis that we played a role in creating the Big Bang invites us to explore our consciousness and place in the cosmos with renewed wonder and reverence. It suggests that our journey, as individuals and species, is innately linked to the Universe's eternal voyage of discovery and evolution.

Our Cosmic Role

We can explore this boundless connection through meditation, understanding that our energy, frequency, and consciousness are threads in the cosmic fabric. We are not mere observers of the cosmic drama but active, integral participants in a universe perpetually creating, exploring, and understanding itself through us.

The Interconnected Universe

In this cosmic journey, every sentient being, every star, and every galaxy are interconnected, each a vital part of the Universe's exploration of itself. And perhaps, in our quest to understand our origins and place in the cosmos, we will discover that we are not just inhabitants of the Universe but its co-creators, shaping its destiny as it shapes ours.


This blog is meant to provoke thought, not to offend. If you're offended, ask yourself why. And then ask yourself if that reason is good enough to hold humanity back.


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