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Are some Humans Following a Blueprint?

Hey, what's your blueprint?


Have you ever taken a moment to look around our world and observe the people inhabiting it? If you have, you've probably noticed something curious. Some folks live on autopilot, going through the motions as if following a predetermined script.

But here's the twist: you might discover that you, too, are not entirely exempt from these repetitive behaviors. So, let's dive into a rabbit hole of thought – what if this seemingly mundane daily grind, which appears to control and manipulate us, is part of an intricate illusion, a grand program, or even a concealed prison we're oblivious to?


Let me share an experience that left me pondering these questions.

I was on my way to work one day when something peculiar happened. I spotted two identical cars on the road, the same make, model, and color. One right after the other, seconds apart!

It struck me that they were traveling along the same path but in opposite directions, separated by just ten seconds. Did I stumble upon a glitch in the matrix? Could it be a sign that our reality is more akin to "The Matrix" movie than we think? And as I started paying closer attention, I began noticing more anomalies like this. I soon realized that I wasn't alone in these observations.

Main Points:

Let's dig deeper into the mechanics of the world we share, the enigma of time, the rhythm of seasons, the never-ending cycles, and the myriad aspects that make up our collective understanding of this vast universe. From birth to death, from notions of good and evil to the ever-persistent wars, famine, and disease – it all seems scripted, part of a more extensive program. The question that nags at me is, who's the mastermind behind it all, and what fuels this mechanical existence?

As a child, I couldn't help but question the world's chaos around me. It became evident that life operates in cycles governed by scripts. A program seems to underlie everything, but who's pulling the strings?

Seeking answers, I turned to my parents. "Why is everything so messed up?" I asked them. Unfortunately, their response echoed what I'd expected. They, too, were deeply entrenched in the programming that conditions us, a rabbit hole most of us fall into. Even at a young age, I sensed the mechanical nature of what I learned in school and religion.


Have you ever noticed how people often follow in their parent's footsteps? It's a common occurrence. The same pattern emerges in the music industry – one unique artist rises to prominence, and suddenly, copycats are trying to emulate the original. What drives this tendency to mimic? It's a thought-provoking phenomenon that adds another layer to this grand design.


To gain further clarity, my parents arranged a meeting with one of our church priests to fix me. He attempted to explain their perspective, but it boiled down to the same old story – "Have faith; it's all part of God's plan." He didn't delve into my questions or take the time to understand them; perhaps he didn't know.

Instead, he offered a solution for my concerned parents, suggesting that I should consider the Seminary when I graduate high school because he believed I had a calling to become a priest. I couldn't fathom it.

I was merely asking questions because the reality I encountered didn't add up. I needed to learn about everything to gain perspective, but the priest's bewildered look spoke volumes.


The notion that some humans are bound by a blueprint, akin to machines adhering to their schematics, has often crossed my mind, more often than I'd care to admit. However, there's a twist in this narrative. These seemingly automated beings resist, putting up barriers to keep you, me, and others from waking up and embracing our true purpose.

The way out of this manufactured, mechanical existence is to awaken, become aware, and push back against anything and anyone, including fanatic beliefs and religions, that might attempt to cloud your path with negativity. We must reclaim our individuality and life force and chart our course in this perplexing reality.


If you're intrigued by the idea of the "Hundredth Monkey Effect," I encourage you to delve deeper into this fascinating phenomenon. And if you haven't explored the concept of "Collective Consciousness," it's well worth your time.


Remember, this blog post aims to spark thought, not offense. If you find yourself offended, consider why that might be. Consider whether your reasons are substantial enough to hinder the progress of humanity. We need you to wake up!


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