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What is going on here?

This reality is messed up, some bad! And you're just adding to it!


Have you ever taken a moment to ponder the true purpose of this dimension? Amid all the chaos, confusion, negativity, obstacles, and distractions, it might be hard to imagine that this is the creation of a conscious God. It simply doesn't make sense.


Before we dive deeper into these questions, consider this: Have you ever disconnected from the apps stealing your attention and turned off those incessant notifications? What about powering down your phone, switching off the television, and shutting out everything that takes control of your mind? By stepping away from addictive behaviors that divert you from your true purpose, you can find a quiet place within. There, you can clear your mind, bring silence to your presence, and carefully listen to your connection with the divine source. You might call it God, but which God? I'll explore this further in a future post.

Main Points

Now, let's analyze this: If an all-knowing deity created everything we experience – the pain, suffering, joy, happiness, and everything in between – we must ask ourselves why. Why is all of this necessary? Day in and day out, we go through these experiences, making you wonder, for what purpose? It's almost as if these experiences are programmed into our consciousness and DNA, spanning millennia. So, we must question: Why are we here, living through all this disparity? It's a sentiment many of us share - a feeling of being "over" this existence.


These experiences are a part of our daily lives – discrimination, prejudice, the cannibalism of the human spirit, endless wars, famine, and more. The conventional explanations, such as "it's all part of God's plan" or "we endure this to receive rewards after death," now seem like darkness and wishful thinking. So, we must confront a fundamental question: What is this place?

Without a doubt, there's a growing sense that this reality is an intricate deception, a curtain veiling our eyes, the physical universe, and our collective consciousness. It keeps us from seeing the truth, and it's an incredibly corrupt situation. But it's time for us to be bold, delve within ourselves, synchronize with the divine source, and embrace stillness.


Consider this as well: Generation after generation, we find ourselves trapped in cycles that seemingly do little good for our spirits. It's as if we're in a holding cell, a temporal anomaly, purgatory Catholic term, limbo, a simulation, or a game. We reset and come back again. What if the image and concept of ourselves, our egos, aren't actual? What if we're prisoners, controlled for the amusement of others, or something entirely different?

We advance slowly in some areas and rapidly in others as if someone or something is intentionally holding us back or steering us toward an undiscovered future. The "why" behind this is a mystery, and it's clear that something is being kept from us.


Now, here's something to ponder: Have you ever entertained the idea that you may have lived in another place and reality, another dimension, before coming here? If so, can you return to the moment before your birth and entry into this world to uncover your purpose for being here?

What if you don't remember your origin because it's too painful or not worth remembering? Or, perhaps your distractions are too overwhelming to consider these suggestions seriously? There's a belief in Hinduism and Buddhism that when we die, our prana or life force returns to the source, and we reincarnate, carrying unresolved baggage from past lives. Could this be a form of spiritual cleansing or something entirely different, like a game or simulation?


It's time for us to collectively awaken and support each other in breaking free from this prolonged and perplexing experience. We've been here far too long and owe it to ourselves and future generations to depart from this profound yet challenging journey. Let's co-create a divine future that uplifts all of humanity and the inhabitants of this universe, not just a select few.

And if we are in an endless cycle of reincarnation, purgatory, a game, simulation, or whatever it may be, shouldn't we strive to reach the next level? If we are prisoners, should we not fight back and expose those responsible for our current reality, even if that involves our collective consciousness?

Either way, it's time to wake up, love one another, synchronize with the Divine Source, and advance. Don't you agree?


This blog is meant to provoke thought, not to offend. If you're offended, ask yourself why. And then ask yourself if that reason is good enough to hold humanity back.


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